The Sushi Confidential Story


Cancer researcher by day, sushi chef by night. This was Randy Musterer’s life for more than 12 years. When he decided it was time to open Sushi Confidential in 2012, Randy was ready to take his own brand of sushi-making to the public, and we are still begging for more. For the past 10 years, Sushi Randy, as he is known in the business, has changed the way the Bay Area enjoys sushi. When Sushi Confidential opened in downtown Campbell 2012, and then downtown San Jose in 2016, Randy Musterer brought his personal flair to this edible art form. By focusing on a fun, engaging atmosphere along with daring taste combinations, Randy has brought sushi to the public for a truly unique dining experience. Now with a third location opening in April 2022 in downtown Morgan Hill, as well as concession pop-ups at Shoreline Amphitheatre, SAP Center/Shark Tank, and most recently at The Plex in San Jose,  Sushi Confidential is reaching even more Bay Area sushi lovers. 

Randy has been in love with sushi from his teen years when he worked on fishing boats in the San Diego area. He would trade fish for sushi at the local restaurants when he and his buddies came in with their catch. Unfortunately, being a poor college student soon put an end to his sushi habit – unless he made it himself. What began as a way to treat himself to sushi has become away for all of us to indulge as well.

After getting a career job and moving to the Bay Area, Randy found an outlet for his love of sushi by working nights at a local sushi restaurant. Although the taciturn style of the chefs he worked with was antithetical to his own personal bent, the lessons he learned in the art of sushi were invaluable. While training with first a Korean sushi chef, then with a Japanese chef, Randy gained a reputation not only for fabulous sushi, but conversation and education along with the great food. He began catering out of his home each weekend at underground sushi parties, serving his original taste creations to 30 people at a time Thursdays through Saturdays, swearing these friends to secrecy. It was sushi, confidential.

A life-long learner, Randy threw himself into the study of sushi as both an art and a science from those early days as a college student, layering the knowledge and expertise of his sushi chef mentors along the way. Dedicated to sustainable fishing, and combining surprising new tastes, Randy has expanded what enjoying sushi means in the Bay Area. Now he educates others in a number of venues, passing on the secrets he has learned so that others can share his passion.

With the success of Sushi Confidential, Randy has been able to indulge in another passion; giving back to his community. By partnering with Randy Hahn, the voice of the San Jose Sharks, to raise money for local non-profits, Randy has opened doors to benefit many of those in need. Their unique celebrity fundraiser allows the donor to choose who his donation will benefit, while leveraging the star status of those lending their celebrity to “the two Randys.”

With his busy schedule of corporate events, star chef events, TV appearances, and celebrity events – including one with Oprah – and sushi-making parties, Sushi Randy still has plenty of outlets for teaching and connecting with people. While he may not be the chef behind the sushi bar anymore, Randy is still creating, connecting and bringing a personal touch to sushi making by teaching and mentoring.

More than running a business, Sushi Randy is in this because he loves people and loves sushi. That the two have come together to become Sushi Confidential is what Randy hoped when he began this journey so many years ago. Serving the public of Campbell, San Jose, and Morgan Hill delicious food and a vibrant experience, with the added benefit of helping his community through philanthropy and public engagement, is what gives Sushi Randy joy every day.




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