Episode 1 - Sushi Kit for Beginners


Are you tired of being stuck in your house?⁣ Are you working to balance your time working from And teaching your kids AND making them lunch AND keeping them entertained while limiting their electronics time? We get it!⁣

Well, we might JUST have a solution for you that the whole family can get behind. ⁣

Introducing our SUSHI MAKING KITS. Yes, they are now available!


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Episode 2 - Lock & Roll Sushi Making Kit

Building on the success of his first sushi making kit, Sushi Randy created his newest sushi kit "Lock & Roll". Now that we are in another "lockdown" to help prevent the spread of COVID19, the Lock & Roll kits is designed to help you get through it. You will learn how to make some popular dishes from Sushi Confidential.

First, you will make the Garlic Edamame as an appetizer. Then you will learn how to make their Famous Poke Tacos! Lastly, you will make 3 types of sushi rolls: Rock N Roll, Philadelphia Roll, and lastly, a Shrimp Tempura Roll! Sushi Randy will also be showing you ways to make these traditional, classic rolls, into fun, signature masterpieces!

Call 408-596-5554 to Order Your Lock & Roll Sushi Making Kit!